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Title Format
1 Patent “Information-Carrying System” in realization of eternal development eBook (kindle)
2 Patent “Method for Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization” in realization of eternal development eBook (kindle)
3 Unified system of knowledge печатный (paper), eBook (ePub, kindle)
4 Applied structures of the creating field of information eBook (ePub, kindle, PDF)
5 Recovery of man`s matter by concentration on number rows eBook (PDF, kindle)
6 The numerical rows of psychological normalization eBook (ePub, kindle)
7 Methods of concentration печатный (paper), eBook (kindle)
8 Methods of concentration on the grouped days of the month eBook (kindle)
9 Methods of events control and of restoration of the organism by means of the consciousness concentration on various objects of reality eBook (kindle)
10 Resurrection eBook (kindle)
11 Resurrection and the Eternal Life of the people is our reality now! eBook (kindle)
12 Structurization of Consciousness. Method of construction a dynamic element of reality in perception eBook (kindle)
13 Teachings about Eternal Life печатный (paper), eBook (ePub, kindle)
14 Doctrine of the Earth печатный (paper), eBook (ePub, kindle)
15 Lectures from 22.06.2001, 04.08.2003, 04.11.2003 печатный (paper)
16 System of Salvation and Consciousness Structuring in the Prevention of Possible: Method of Formation of a Dynamic Element of Reality. Consciousness as a System of Control печатный (paper)
17 Prevention of Possible Global Catastrophe. Self-regeneration. Events Control Directly out of one`s Consciousness eBook (kindle)
18 Research And Analysis of Fundamental Definitions of Optical Systems In Prevention of Catastrophes And Forecast Oriented Control of Microprocesses печатный (paper)
19 Extraterrestrial. Doomsday is not going to happen печатный (paper)
20 Teachings "On Salvation and Harmonious Development". Three Positions of Consciousness Structuring. Prevention of Possible Global Catastrophe; Self-regeneration; Events Control Directly out of one`s Consciousness печатный (paper)
21 Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi печатный (paper), eBook (kindle, pdf)
22 Numbers for successful business печатный (paper), eBook (kindle)
23 Hayrúkulus печатный (paper), eBook (kindle)